Hi there, I’m Kellie!

I am mostly known for my love of dogs, food, and almond milk cappuccinos. If you follow me on Instagram, you can expect stories of my Aussie/Border Collie puppy every day, so prepare yourself!

At the age of 22, I took a chance and left my 9-5 job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship, taking my biz from ‘idea’ to ‘full-time job’ in less than 5 months. Now I help small business owners do the same.

I believe that anyone can live their dream-life and I have dedicated my business to helping make that happen.

I love serving my customers by keeping it real, sharing the hardships and the struggles that go into entrepreneurship, and screaming to the mountains about the amazing things that keep me loving the entrepreneur life. Why? Because I want to motivate and encourage YOU to live your truth too.

A bit about me: I grew up spending my free time blogging, taking pictures, making silly YouTube videos of my friends, and surfing the web. Websites and online technologies are second nature to me.

My passions include travel, fitness, blogging, cooking, and eating. In 23 years, I have lived many different lives. I have lived in Europe, been to 3 different continents, 10 countries, and countless cities. I have been an athlete, a typical college kid, a travel blogger, a weight-lifting-macro-counting fitness enthusiast, and now a full-time business owner and fur momma.

So let me do what I do best, so you can get back to doing what you love.